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If you're trying to help a tired baby go to sleep these beautiful bedtime songs and lullabies collection from Dave and Ava can be an entertaining way to accomplish this goal.

Soft, relaxing, soothing, warm and cozy bedtime songs and lullabies with lovely visualizations in one collection!
Dave and Ava wishing sweet dreams to your little ones!

Go to your favorite Nursery Rhyme by selecting a title below in our Nursery Rhymes Collection:

00:19 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
03:24 Ten Little Snowflakes
06:48 Row Row Row Your Boat
09:01 Hey Diddle Diddle
11:19 ABC Song
13:14 Hickory Dickory Dock
16:07 Baa Baa Black Sheep
19:06 Rain Rain Go Away
21:53 ABC Song Part 2
24:30 Number Train
28:32 Miss Polly Had a Dolly
31:07 Itsy Bitsy Spider
33:29 One Potato, Two potatoes
35:24 Wheels on the Bus – Animal Sounds Song
39:15 Bingo Song
42:10 Jack and Jill
44:40 Colors Song
48:22 Humpty Dumpty
50:30 Halloween Song
52:55 One Little Finger – Part 1
55:16 Mary Had a Little Lamb
57:39 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
01:00:31 Johny Johny Yes Papa
01:02:44 One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive
01:04:38 One Little Finger – Part 2
01:06:59 If You`re Happy and You Know It
01:08:55 Five Little Ducks
01:11:37 The Phonics Song
01:14:10 Rig a Jig Jig

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  3. love the songs and animations, but there are so many interruptions in the beginning it kinda defeats the purpose (the thank you for Content Creator Award and the mouse telling us about the objects he’s hidden). breaks up the sleepy vibe.

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