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Looking for an engaging and educational preschool app to learn ABC’s, tracing and letter sounds?

Meet ABC Tracing – early literacy app from Dave and Ava! Whether mastering phonics or building vocabulary, Dave and Ava will keep young learners busy with fun activities for hours. This app is perfect for children, ages 1-6. 


– Interacting with letters to learn cute sounds they make 
– Revealing the hidden objects to develop fine motor skills and sparkle the imagination
– Feeding hungry bugs with yummy fruits while learning to trace the letters of the English Alphabet 
– Working on letter recognition skills


Dave and Ava prepared lots of surprises to keep preschool-aged learners motivated. 
Wonderful animations help to learn letters and their sounds in a fun and engaging way! 
Interactive elements make ABC Tracing app easy to use even for toddlers.


Parent control feature supports a completely safe environment – there is no ability for an external party to contact your kids. 
We provide the tool to encourage your child’s natural desire to discover!

You can download the app for free to get 3 letters. The additional purchase will be applied to access all the letters of the English Alphabet. 

NOTE: This app requires iOS 10 or later

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  1. This is adorable and a fun way to trace! My daughter and I love your channel! It is our favorite. We watch it every day. You are very talented. The amazing animations and colors are just incredible in every video. Would love to animate like you

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