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Farmer in the Dell – new nursery rhymes collection from Dave and Ava!
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Dave and Ava have just prepared our new collection for your little ones to sing along to a very popular nursery rhymes, such as The Farmer in the Dell. Did you know this nursery rhyme is widely used as a singing game? This could be a great activity for the whole family!
Kids may learn how to follow the instructions and start communicating as well as learning ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, parts of the body etc.

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00:19 The Farmer in the Dell
04:15 Wheels on the Bus – Part 3
08:12 Five Little Ladybugs
12:43 London Bridge is Falling Down
15:34 Apples and Bananas Part 2
17:57 Little Miss Muffet
20:36 Yankee Doodle
22:39 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
24:40 Brother John
26:59 This Little Piggy
29:22 Hot Cross Buns

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