Littlest Pet Shop – Зоомагазинчик обзор игрушки

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Littlest Pet Shop – Зоомагазинчик, обзор игрушки

Design your LPS world your way! The Fun Park Style Set comes with more than 60 pieces that let you design your world any way you want! Pieces include customizable wall panels, accessories, scene backdrop, stickers and Deco Bits pieces — unique plug-in pieces that add color and glam to your sets and your pets! Set also includes an exclusive pet, a ferret named Jebbie Cho!
All LPS Style Sets are inspired by iconic locations from the Littlest Pet Shop animated TV show. They are totally stackable, vertically or horizontally, so you can build your world in any direction!
Pet Fest, the most exciting event in Downtown City, is finally here, and the Fun Park is at the center of the action. At the park, your pets can let loose and have a fabulous time, seeing the sights and riding the rides!
Create a tent stage featuring a hand-activated tilt ride that holds pets and spins, a fun spinning wheel, a hamster trail, and a zipline that takes pets around the set!
Littlest Pet Shop and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
Create, Decorate, Style and Collect
First, create your Fun Park Style Set by building the structure (no tools needed). And remember, you can stack this set onto other LPS Style Sets (each sold separately)!
Next, decorate the set and the pet with stickers and Deco Bits pieces to add color and glamour.
Style your set with cool accessories like the zip line, fun spinning wheel, hamster trail, and tilt ride!
Finally, collect more Style Sets and pets (each sold separately) to build out your Littlest Pet Shop world. You can use the TV show as inspiration or create a world of your very own! It's your LPS world, your way!
You can watch for the Fun Park when it appears on the Littlest Pet Shop TV show!

Bring Your LPS World to Life Digitally With the LPS Your World App!
The included pet has a unique code that you can scan to bring it to life in the app. Play games to level up your virtual characters, and unlock new rooms and accessories in the app to make your digital Pet Shop the best Pet Shop ever! (See below for details.)
Includes: unassembled style set, pet, sticker sheet, 36 Deco Bits pieces, backdrop, and instructions.

Приветствуем всех на нашем канале ABC Bambuc TV for Kids. Если вам понравилось это видео, лайкните нас и мы будем выставлять вам еще много новых видео с мультяшными героями. Приятного просмотра!

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This video for kids to enjoy new cartoon characters from dozen of Easter eggs from Bambuc TV.




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