? 4 HOURS ?  | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Piano Lullaby to Help Babies Sleep | Super Simple Songs

? Good night. Sleep tight.? It's four hours of this super soothing and relaxing piano lullaby from Super Simple Songs. Perfect for babies and toddlers, or anybody who needs a little help falling asleep.

Music: Traditional
Video: Copyright 2016 Skyship Entertainment

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  1. Lovely “Twinkle little star” lullaby. I play it everytime I get in the car with my baby, and it sooths her, so she goes to sleep or just relaxes. Thank you!

  2. We always go to Super Simple Songs. My little one loves all of your videos. But YOU’RE lullaby videos, seems to have a special place with him. ?
    The delivery of all your videos and musical layout is so smooth. Brilliant!

  3. I was listening these songs and said : this is for me and my kids!! :3 , really you´re an amazing team work , I love all your videos, thank you very much!! I’m glad to know you through you channel!! blessings 🙂

  4. Hi, can you guys make more calming piano lullabies?? I have sleeping disorder & tried many other music, but these helped me sleep well.

    Maybe Au Clair de La Lune, Long Long Ago, I Love You from the purple dinasour Barney

  5. Found this three days ago and have been using it since then to put my daughter to bed!! It’s so calming and nice!! She loves it and so do I!! Puts me to sleep too lol

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