Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Beginner Chord Melody Ukulele Lesson

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Beginner Chord Melody Ukulele Lesson
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Chords – 1:15 Harmony – 1:57 Bars 1-4 – 3:03 Bars 5-8 5:34 Bars 9-12 6:37 Play-a-long 7:13
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This is a ukulele tutorial dedicated to teaching you how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in the chord melody version. The idea that you are able to play both the melody and the chords at the same time, and not only make your ukulele sing, but make it harmonize, too! If you want more ukulele tutorials, more easy beginner songs, more ukulele chord melody style lessons, all you have to do is subscribe and learn. You get more of the internets best ukulele teacher with great new ukulele lessons every Wednesday and Saturday. Everything from Ukulele chord melody tutorials to the ukulele blues tutorials.


  1. Your patreon is too confusing. I don’t understand how many times I’m going to be charged. It’s says monthly but then also has a pledge amount and then has the wed/ sat post amount. Or something. I don’t understand it. And then there is something about paying for each post?? So if I pledged $1 and then there is a wed & sat post I’m charged $3 monthly? So confusing. Can I just buy your PDF’s for a set amount and not be a patron? Like $15 one time fee for the pdf’s idk. Something like that.

    1. TenThumbs Productions thanks for the response. I can tell you put a lot of work into your content! Everything is very unique, I definitely wasn’t trying to belittle your hard work. Sorry if it came off that way ?

    2. Hi, so let’s clarify some of the confusion. You chose how much to give “pledge” and how often to give “creations supported” If you can chose 1 dollar, check 1 in the pledge box, and it is one dollar a month. Easy, and with that you have access to all PDFs, new and old. These lessons can take anywhere from 8-20 hours, learning the song, transcribing the song, shooting, editing, uploading and sharing, that is a lot of work, that is why the creation system isn’t just 1 time charge. We encourage people to think about how many lessons you do on average with us. For example, on average you learn three songs, we encourage 3 creations supported. So a pledge of 1 dollar, creations at 3, would total 3 dollars a month. At the end of the day though it is what it is worth to you, so if you can only give a dollar, that is fine. I hope that helps. I can’t sell the PDFs because I don’t have the rights to the songs. Hope that helps.

  2. Hello! I am a beginner ukulele player and I need advice. I understand how to strum downwards, but I have no idea how to strum upwards. Like do I use my nail or the the tip of my finger? Thanks!

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