Kids Rhymes. Twinkle twinkle little star, Flute Tutorial ट्वींकल ट्वींकल लिटल स्टार बालगीत

Kids Rhymes Twinkle twinkle littele star, a tutorial on Flute by Chandrakant Kotecha CK.

This tutorial is very eloberative and explained in hindi and english Notations. very easy to learn and play on any instruments like Key board, Piano, Violin, Sitar, Guitar, Sarod, synthesizer, etc.

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यह ट्युटोरीयल की मदद से आप बांसुरी या और कोइ भी वाध्य यंत्र पर बच्चो का बाल गीत ट्वींकल ट्वींकल लिटल स्टार बजाना शीख सकते है ।
क्रिपया इस चेनल को सब्स्क्राईब किजिये ताकि आपको ऐसे ही और ट्युटोरीयल मिलते रहे ।
धन्यवाद ।

Chandrakant Kotecha CK


  1. Loved to listen this eternal children party song in flute. Explaining with notations, both in Hindi and English, and by singing makes so much easier to follow and practice, thanks for upload…!!

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