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Baby John and his family want to spend the day at the beach. However, they need to learn to play safe to avoid boo boos, like burning their feet.. Enjoy this version of the Hot and Cold. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs #babyjohnnurseryrhymes

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Song Lyrics

The crab turns red, red, red
When it’s on the hot sand
The crab turns red, red, red
You should wear your sandals

The crab turns blue, blue, blue
When in the cold sea
You should get in slow, slow
To start yourself from shaking

You got the sea, sea, sea,
Coming in so quickly
It’s got your toy, toy, toy
You need to get it quickly

The crab turns red, red, red
When it’s on the hot sun
Let’s find some shade, shade, shade,
So you don’t get a sunburn

The crab turns red, red, red
When I want to play now
The sand is hot, hot, hot
I want to wear my sandals

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