Rock a Bye Baby | YouTube Nursery Rhymes for Children | Lullaby and Kids Songs by Mike and Mia

Rock a Bye baby a Classic Lullaby and Collection of Most Popular Nursery Rhymes on YouTube by Mike and Mia

This is the compilation video of the rhyme "Rock a Bye Baby the lullaby for babies to go to sleep" and other popular nursery rhymes, by Mike & Mia.

This video is a 60 minutes long collection of rhymes for children, nursery rhymes playlist for children, baby songs, kids videos, songs for children.

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Mike & Mia is an educational 3D animation cartoon series for children from one to seven years. We teach nursery rhymes for kids, numbers, alphabets, phonics, colors, counting etc. in a most funny manner where children learn while playing and singing.

This video has one of the most melodious lullabies "Rock a Bye Baby", with its lyrics. The rhyme tells us about a loving mother, who is gently rocking her baby to sleep. This rhyme is followed by many other popular rhymes. Please keep watching!

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Rock a Bye Baby Lyrics

Rock-a-bye, baby

on the treetop.

When the wind blows,

the cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks,

the cradle will fall.

But mother will catch you,

cradle and all

Baby is drowsy,

cozy and fair.

Mother sits near,

in her rocking chair.

Forward and back,

the cradle she swings

Though baby sleeps

he hears what she sings.

From the high roof tops,

down to the sea,

No one as dear as baby to me.

Wee little fingers,

Eyes wide and brown.

Now sound asleep,

until morning light

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