Where Are My Whiskers? Can you Help Tom the Cat Find His Whiskers | Fun Animal Song by Little Angel

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My whiskers
Where are my whiskers
Are they in my milk
From when I was sippin’
Oh where could they be
Where could they be
My little whiskers
My missing whiskers

I think I see them
My little whiskers
Up on the shelf there
How do I get there
It so high
So very high
But they’re my whiskers
I gotta fix this

Hey you little mouse

Mouse: Squeak!

I don’t care that you’re in my house
I need to get my whiskers
And you’re just the guy to help

You’re good at climbing
I’m good at climbing
*teeth clenched together* And great at hiding
Oh I’m great at hiding
But never mind
Never mind
I need to find
You need to find
My little whiskers
Your little whiskers

Right little guy
I need you to climb really high
Up to that shelf
You see that green thing up there?
Can you pull out my whiskers out and bring them down?

Mouse climbs up to the shelf and brings a cactus or just cactus spikes down

We’ve gotta stick them
Onto my face and
Then I can eat..urm play with you
My little whiskers
Oh I have missed them
When they are back on
I might just kiss you! (Opens mouth wide to eat him whilst mouse is not looking)

Ok little mouse
One by one
Let’s stick them back on!
M: One
C: Ouch!
M: Two
C: Ouch
M: Three
C: Yelps
One more!
C: *Whimpers* Ouch!

Hey there Mr Cat
Now after all of that,
I think you deserve some tuna!

Can of singing tuna comes into screen

Tuna sing along in this last chorus
I have my whiskers
Your little whiskers
Now I am handsome
So very handsome
I’ve gotta say
This mouse is great!
You got my whiskers
My little whiskers!

Music & Lyrics by:
Ben Rawles (Music) –
Jay Lefebvre (Music) –
Neil Balfour (Voices) –
Jemma Johnson (Voices) –
Meredith Morris (Voices)

Animations by:
Valnet Inc.

Copyright 2017 Valnet