Phonics Song for Children | Phonics Sounds of Alphabets A to Z 🍎

Phonics Song for Children | Phonics Sounds of Alphabets A to Z

Have fun learning and watching Phonics Song, learn the Alphabets A to Z with their phonics sounds.

Phonics song Lyrics:-

Baby: Oh no, I don’t see the Alphabets. Where are the Alphabets?

Mike: Hmm, Let’s go on a ride and find where all the Alphabets are.

A is for Aeroplane a a a a Aeroplane,
B is for ball b b b b ball,
C is for cat c c c c cat,
D is for doll d d d d doll,
E is for egg e e e e Egg,
F is for fish f f f f fish,
G is for guitar g g g g guitar,
H for helicopter h h h h helicopter,
I is for ice cream i i i i ice cream,
J is for jacket j j j j jacket,
K is for kite k k k k Kite,
L is for leaves l l l l leaves,
M is for mushroom m m m m mushroom,
N is for nest n n n n nest,
O is for orange o o o o orange,
P is for pizza p p p p pizza.
Q is for queen q q q q queen,
R is for rainbow r r r r rainbow,
S is for star s s s s star,
T is for tree t t t t tree
U is for umbrella u u u u umbrella,
V is for violin v v v v violin,
W is for whistle w w w w whistle,
X is for xylophone x x x x xylophone.
Y is for yoyo y y y y yoyo
And Z is for Zebra z z z z zebra

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