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Baby John wants to play in the park but he is afraid to try. Fortunately, Itsy Bitsy shows him there’s nothing to be afraid of and help him overcome his fears. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #playgroundsong

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List of Kids Songs;
00:04 Itsy bitsy
03:57 Play Safe at the Playground
07:15 Police Keeps Us Safe
11:49 Firetruck Song 28-748
15:16 Wheels on the Bus 35-241
18:41 Mall Song
23:02 Boo Boo Song 2
26:24 Boo boo Song 1
29:53 Oopsies Song

First Boo Song Lyrics
I'm a little scared, the ladder looks so high 
I’m afraid to climb, way up to the slide

Maybe I can help
We spiders love to climb 
even if I slip down 
I’ll give another try

I’m a little worried, the fire pole is tall 
I’m afraid to climb up, 
what happens if I fall? 
Hello little spider 
Do you like to climb? 
Can we go together 
Would you like to try?

We will go together, 
Up the pole so tall
We will keep on trying,
Even if we fall
We will climb the firepole
We will climb up high
Easy, peasy, one, two, three, 
Up, up to the sky

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