Baby is Sick | Sick Song | Videos for Babies

Baby is Sick | Sick Song | Videos for Babies

Hello Kids, Our little baby is sick. Let's see how he is doing now.

Sick Song Lyrics :-

I have runny nose, I am sick today
I don’t know what to do or what to say.

Oh, my little baby, is sick today
He’s got fever and been coughing all through the day

You take rest and I’ll take care of you
Get well Soon, I’ll do what is needed for you.

Not feeling well and you have cold
I’ll do exactly what the Doctor has told.

Just have some Pills and take a good rest
you are my little baby, you are the Best.

Oh my Mommy, I feel good today,
Let’s call some friends and go to Play.

Oh my Baby, he feels good today.
Have some snacks and then you can play.

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