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Few things in this world are good for you like vegetables. Vegetables make you strong, and healthy is good for your health. Enjoy this new version of the vegetable song and other kids songs and nursery rhymes. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs #babyjohnnurseryrhymes

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List of Kids Songs;
00:04 Vegetables Make Us Strong!
04:05 I Wanna Be An Astronaut
07:53 Apples and Bananas
11:58 Daddy Is My Hero
16:31 Baby's First Step
20:10 Playtime At School

Song Lyrics;
Vegetables are super food
Super food, super food
Eat your veggies everyday
And you’ll be super too

Corn is yummy eat it up
Eat it up, eat it up
Corn is yummy eat it up
Corn is good for you

Tomatoes growing on the vine
On the vine, on the vine
Pick them, wash them eat them up
Just give them a try!

Tomatoes they are yummy treats
Yummy treats, Yummy treats
Ripe and red nutritious treats
I’ll take a juicy bite

Carrots grow up from the ground
From the ground, from the ground
Carrots grow up from the ground
I could eat a bunch

Broccoli looks like a tree
Like a tree, like a tree
Broccoli looks like a tree
I love broccoli

Broccoli grows in a bunch
In a bunch, in a bunch
Green and crunchy munch, munch, munch
It’s oh soo good for me

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