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Original lyrics and music by Sockeye Media LLC © 2016. All rights reserved.

Cats go meow meow.
Dogs go bow wow.
Meow meow bow wow,
Meow bow wow.

Sheep go baa baa.
Babies go, “Mama.”
Baa baa. “Mama.”
Baa. “Mama.”

Cows go moo moo.
Pigeons go coo coo.
Moo moo coo coo,
Moo coo coo.

Kids go, “Yay yay.”
Horses go neigh neigh.
“Yay yay.” Neigh neigh.
“Yay.” Neigh neigh.

Crows go caw caw.
Donkeys go hee haw.
Caw caw hee haw,
Caw hee haw.

Pigs go oink oink.
Bunnies go boing boing.
Oink oink boing boing,
Oink boing boing.

Ducks go quack quack.
People go yak yak.
Quack quack yak yak,
Quack yak yak.


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