Fruit Song (Vitamin Quest) (2D) | Cocomelon (ABCkidTV) Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Oh no! The mean candy bandits have stolen vitamins from the fruit friends! Now the fruit must go on an amazing journey to find their vitamins and get them back! Come along on this fun adventure!
The candy bandits came at night, do da do da
They took our vitamins, that’s not right! Oh de doo da dey

To find them is our quest! That candy is a pest!
Vitamins help us grow up strong, so won’t you come along!

To the woods and through the trees, do da do da
Peach finds the candy’s tracks with ease! Oh de doo da dey

Over there the path is clear, do da do da
Our vitamins, they must be near! Oh de do da dey

The tracks lead to the stream ahead, do da do da
We’ll just take a raft instead. Oh de do da dey

Beyond the hills we find our way, do da do da
Apple sings to pass the day. Oh de do da dey

The mountain pass looks hard to climb, do da do da
Banana keeps our spirits high. Oh de do da dey

Pear will shield us from the snow, do da do da
So we can find our candy foe. Oh de do da dey

Berries light the way ahead, do da do da
“Not one step farther,’” Candy said. Oh de do da dey

Pear waved his hand and Candy fled, do da do da
Look! Our vitamins! Straight ahead! Oh de do da dey

We triumphed in our quest! We all did our best!
Now we’ll grow up healthy and strong! We’re glad you came along!

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