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Johny Johny Yes Papa – here is a fun nursery rhyme for the little ones! Loads of giggles are guaranteed!
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Get ready to sing “Johny Johny Yes Papa” with Dave and Ava! Rediscover the classic nursery rhyme and follow a story of Johny who loves sweet treats!

This is a 20-minute, non-stop collection of Johny Johny Yes Papa and other nursery rhymes. Go straight to your favorite song by selecting a title below!

Johny Johny Yes Papa 00:20
Once I Caught a Fish Alive 02:46
Ten in the Bed 04:39
The Phonics Song 08:03
Hickory Dickory Dock 10:35
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed 13:41
Itsy Bitsy Spider 15:54

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Traditional. Arranged and adapted by Dave and Ava Ltd. © 2015. All rights reserved.


  1. Well done nice job. The animations are good and the voice animators have a nice voice and the video is well detailed. me and my daughter is enjoying watching this. You deserved a subscribe

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