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Let’s all fly in our rocket ship and take an amazing trip through our solar system to learn all about the planets!
Let’s explore the awesome planets,
We’ll fly in our rocket ship!
Let’s explore the awesome planets,
We’ll have an exciting trip!

All eight planets travel in orbit
We’ll get to know them, every one!
Solar system, solar system
Planets spin around the Sun

Mercury is the smallest planet, the
Very first one that we see, it’s
Really hot with lots of craters,
Just as dry as it can be

Venus is the second planet
Shining brightly in the sky
Having lots of clouds and gases
Makes it hot and bare and dry

Earth is third, it is our home
There’s oxygen and water here
Everything we need for living
Plus a moon that’s very near

Mars is fourth, the planet that is
Red with rust all o-ver, we
Wanted to explore this world, so
We sent up the ro-ver

Jupiter is really big, it’s
Made of many ga-ses
It has sixty-seven moons, see
Each one as it pa-sses

Saturn is the next big planet, the
One with all the pretty rings
They’re made up of ice and dust, they’re
Particles of bigger things

Uranus is the seventh planet,
Mostly made of ice and gas, it’s
Really cold, and spinning sideways,
Hit by something in the past

Neptune is the final planet, it’s
Color is a pretty blue
Having lots of wind and cyclones
Makes it very cold, it’s true

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