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Practice counting to 20 with the Super Simple Song, Counting Bananas!

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Video: Copyright 2014 Super Simple Learning®

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One banana, two bananas, one, two, three.
Three bananas for me!
Four bananas, five bananas, four, five, six.
Six bananas for me!
Seven, eight, nine, ten!
Ten bananas for me!

Eleven, twelve, thirteen.
Thirteen bananas for me!
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen.
Sixteen bananas for me.
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty!
Twenty bananas for me.

Bananas to the left.
Bananas to the right.
Bananas turn around.
Bananas sit down.

Now peel your bananas and take a bite!

Song: Counting Bananas
CD: Super Simple Songs 2
Music: Super Simple Learning
Animation: Franfou
Vocals: Matt Stamm and Ingrid DuMosch DeHaan

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Counting Bananas by Super Simple Learning


  1. ΥΠΕΡΟΧΑ ΠΑΙΔΙΚΑ ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙΑ!!!! Η ΧΑΡΑ ΤΩΝ ΠΑΙΔΙΩΝ    των δασκάλων και των μεγάλων!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great video for teaching counting and number recognition! As an extension, I will cut out bananas from felt, have my students put on paper monkey ears, and have them take turns retelling the story while the rest of us sing for them.

  3. I’m here because of some annoying kid who sat near me while on a train. Some lady was playing this for him and I recorded it XD Then my friend and I obsessed over this… And I’m 13…

  4. Thanks SUPER SIMPLE SONGS for your SIMPLE videos …my daughter is now 2 years old and love the GOODNIGHT song very much…every night before going to sleep she would love to wathc the video and sleep ….thanks and waiting to see many more videos 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, +Chandrassekaran Seshayer. We’re glad that your daughter enjoys the videos so much. There are more coming soon, so please keep watching! 🙂

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