The Numbers Song – Learn To Count from 1 to 10 – Number Rhymes For Children

The Numbers Song – Learn To Count from 1 to 10 – Number Rhymes For Children

Make your kids learn Numbers with the beats! Learn to count with ChuChuTV Numbers Song.

Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios
Video: Copyright 2016 ChuChu TV™ Studios


  1. hi chuchu tv.i am a daycare worker and i love watching chuchu tv on you tube and i want my pupils to watch also but sad to say we dont have laptop in our school.can i avail of a dvd copies if you have because this is a big help for my nursery pupils to watch and learn.tnx.godbless.

    1. +sara ali Greetings from Chu Chu TV :). Glad your little nephew and you love these rhymes and songs from Chu Chu TV’s stable so much and find it very nice and adorable :). The warm appreciation means a lot to us :). The encouragement is our inspiration and driving force. Enjoy watching Chu Chu Tv 🙂

  2. Really nice song I loved the full  song  It was a lovely song I really never knew that learnIng numbers could be so much fun thaks a lot Chu Chu tv for this video I don’t have any objections with this video especially for that gun part

  3. my little brother is 8months old we have a very busy day and he gets very annoyed being in his car seat for long periods but I found this song about a month ago and it is the only thing that comes him down in his fits it puts him to sleep 99.9%of times (this being one of those times he’s passed out the song hasn’t even been on for 2 minutes ) Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the new video about learning numbers my 9months son likes it but i have a little bit concern about this video using GUN with the song.although it shows darts coming out from the gun,for me its not a good idea showing kids you can use a gun(toy gun) to count can rely on what they see they dont know the difference whether its real or toy and the parts of the song..”shout the numbers on the run,shoot the number with the gun”and the lady holding a gun looks a little bit scary for me.As you can see there are so many incident here in the U.S about using gun illegally which involves younger people.

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