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This is the way we brush our teeth, wash our face, comb our hair, get dressed, and go to school!
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  1. write the letter (In English)of the song. I teach English to children from south america, so my students will learn very much listening.

  2. Great video for my Thai kindergarten. Great visuals, lyrics and a nice slow pace. Is it available as a seperate song so I dont have to download the full hour of videos?

  3. Love it! I’ve been hoping that you would make some new songs soon and here it is. I really needed a song for teaching daily routines so this makes me really happy. Good work as always!

  4. I am an elementary music teacher and these are so great for my kindergarten classes. I am noticing that these days, more and more children do not know the basic nursery rhymes from days past. I like to keep the tradition of them so I thank you for all the songs and activities that you do. Simple Songs is one of my all time favorite sites and I am always happy to see what you will have next. The holiday songs are also great . You always have a song for every occasion. You are wonderful and much appreciated!

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