1. This video perfectly describes the life of an anxious person. The slow motion when people are around signifies the joy of attention and the sadness of being ignored. Also, the way Cudi is dressed (except for the hook w Drake) shows that he feels as if he doesn’t fit in. Which, as it is with anxiety, you feel you never do. Ah, fun times

    1. anxiety is a constant pursuit of happines, but just a pursuit, over and over again 🙁 it’s a fucking circle, as socially anxious, you cant even get out of the circle if nobody helps you… you cant tell it, you cant get medication because you’re too anxious to even do that…yeah it steals life away from one

    1. I love music from 2015-1970 beceause its not trash new misic is eh not good its garbage example lil pump whiz used to be good till he started using trap

    1. Talesin- God of the Internet It’s the internet, buddy. Anybody can comment, there is no “I wasn’t talking to you”. If you wanted to have a conversation with someone you should be talking through DMs. Your nickname doesn’t suits ya smh

  2. I remember listening to this song when i was like 9 or 10 , i used to hear this song all day long even though i didnt know English at all (none of my family member knew english at all and we didnt have internet until 2017 heck we didnt know there was something called an internet till then, before then my brother used to listen to this songs by getting them from friends ) , but now since i know English pretty well , i understand that our life is so relatable to this and this is really the first time i am seeing the video of this song, but we all are still in pursuit of happiness

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