Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | 11 More Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes | Giggle Bellies

TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR + Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes, Childrens Bedtime Song Collection. Watch the Lullaby DVD on Amazon ►

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0:07 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Male Vocal)
4:22 Row Row Row Your Boat
7:00 All The Pretty Little Horses
10:02 Firefly
13:18 Imagine A Cloud
16:02 Great Big Ocean
19:27 Fly Away With Me
23:19 Unicorns & Fairies
26:55 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Female Vocal)
30:40 Good Night Sleep Tight
34:05 Rock A Bye Baby Instrumental

GiggleBellies Bio:
Welcome to The GiggleBellies Learning Channel. We produce and animate nursery rhyme videos, educational monster truck videos, fun learning videos, and other songs for children. Our 3D animated series will keep your kids’ toes tapping, their brain engaged, and the whole family can join the fun.

We strive to create timeless entertainment products that initiate the words “Play it again” and bring upon many hours of valuable and truly fun learning experience and entertainment to your Toddlers, Preschoolers, or Kindergarten Kids. It is our hope and intention The GiggleBellies Video series will bring your family as much joy as we have creating them.
Song & Animation Credits:
Animation by 3D Magic Factory of Austin, Texas
Song Written or Adapted By: Kerry Miller Johnson
Copyright © 3D Magic Factory L.L.C. All Rights Reserved


  1. The pretty little horses song DOES NOT SAY “DEVILS EMBRACE” it says “blacks and bays, dapples and grays” these are the types of horses found on most carousel rides which the song is about. Ppl go to the dark side way to easy

  2. My 1 year old LOVES Gigglebellies. I love watching it with her. My favorite is ‘all the pretty little horses’ but ‘good night sleep tight is close’ and ‘unicorns and fairies’ is awesome too

  3. I used to play Twinkle to my belly every morning and evening when I was pregnant.
    My daughter wouldn’t sleep without me playing it.
    She then had bad reflux and refused to eat without me playing it.
    She has since been diagnosed with Autism. She will watch very little tv and what she does watch she repeats over and over.
    I found this video a few weeks back. I didn’t even know there were more gigglebellie songs.
    These are incredible. My daughter loves them. They’re so imaginative, creative and perfect for my baby.
    If I sing her any of these songs I have to sing these versions too. I sing Twinkle Twinkle every night before she goes to bed.
    I’m so grateful for finding this and have also shown other parents the magic of your videos too.
    Carry on. Thanks again.

  4. It’s the only one my baby will sleep to and relax . The mail voice and female voice are out of this world beautiful to listen to . I’d like to know who they are .

  5. My 3 year old twins also love this compilation of lullabies- they are not playful nursery rhymes, but great easy-listening songs to relax them for bed time…just wish you also had a 60 minute version

  6. gigglebellies is my favorite kids lullabys, my baby sister falls asleep instantly and so did my other 2 when they were babys, and still! thank you so much gigglebellies!!!

  7. This is amazing lullibys. My disabled son has hard time up most night when we want to get him back to sleep i put these songs on was very disapointed when they took them off of google had to turn to you tube even though hes blind and cant see them but he realy loves most gigglebellie songs. Thankyou @gigglebellies. Thankyou u make parents get some sleep.

    1. Awww Marion, that warms our heart to hear how much your son loves our lullabies! We really appreciate your you taking the time to share that with us… it means a lot!!

  8. I used to play this to my little cousin who is now living far from us. And now I’m playing this to my little brother which made me really emotional. Thanks gigglebellies for the great songs.

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