1. Exactly! I was thinking the same thing! They were shooting everything that car can do! Makes me want to run to the dealership and buy the same exact model in red!! LOL

    1. The music he listened to is what REAL music WAS. Nothing compares to that era in time. Now, I hated the ending and the music they played, at the end of the movie. The good ole rock ‘n” roll, nothing compares. And will never top that. . Jon Hamm, he’s NO Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis always tuff. Hamm, didn’t even do a good acting job in this. He was great in Madmen.

    1. +R T, im talking about 13 years ago when i was only 21 ! Was plenty enough to have some fun in all the welsh b-roads and lanes, when it snowed there was chaos cars stuck, buses stuck everywhere and people out trying to push eachother up hills haha i just rumbled past in my scooby with a smile in my face! Amazing in the snow……

    2. I dont no if you guys have driven either but my 280bhp impreza classic 2000 model was more than enough with standard tyres….. Both awsome cars so it just comes down to preference?

  1. I literally only watched this movie because I thought it would be based around the Subaru WRX in this intro scene. The movie was good,it was just very strange , but it was good.

    1. +Big Worm youre arguing with children on the internet while complaining that children get their cars bought for them. How about you act like the adult that you’re perpetuating.

    1. It’s good, but I think there are better ones from the 70s and 80s.

      French Connection(no filming permit)

      Seven ups

      White lightning

      First two mad Max movies

    1. Jer7 oh I know I watched the movie. What I meant was that you see the way for example Volkswagen have an advert to convince people to buy their cars, this should be a commercial for one of the car companies.

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