1. How to scare your friends:
    1. Invite them camping
    2. Wait until midnight or until dark
    3. Scamper away so your friends think your missing
    4. Blast this song from an undisclosed location.
    5. Sneak up behind them
    6. Murder them with an axe
    They’ll love it, trust me on this

    1. My sister get scared when she heard this song at night 😀 She even asked me later if I was playing anything on the computer that night because she heard something very creepy (by the wall) and wasn’t sure if it was real 😀 Song is perfectly matched to the Dead Space and it’t emocional payload. The only other song that is bringing Dead Space to my mind sometimes is Evanescence – Whisper (I don’t even know why – it is just a mind association)

    1. yeah, they do, especially when you stop and consider the lyrics you could be singing to your own child say. there’s the thing, if children knew the grim, and I mean grim truth behind a lot of their nursery rhymes, think what it would do to them. same goes for parents, if they stopped and thought about the rhyme they were singing, they would stop instantly. fairytales are no better, think about it.

    2. hi there. what you say is true, in fact it’s being done to the point that now it’s losing its scariness because it’s being done so often. they really should have used the ring around the rosy for dead space 2, say for any time when wandering an eerily silent corridor. or say if you get surrounded by a ring of the same type of necromorph. turning ring around the rosy nightmarish, creepy version of the song and all. it’s just ring around the rosy, only, the supposed, children, are now ruthless mutants trying to either rip you to shreds, and/or eat you. they could even use it for the pack, as they’re mutated children, think about it.

    1. Yes, the first one is the creepiest out of all three. The best way to prove it is, when you return to the Ishimura in the Dead Space 2, you have chills going down your spine

  2. I was dissapointed to see that dead space 3 didn’t even feature a lullubay redition  like this . But then again I guess I shouldn’t even be surprised seeing how the game turned out.

    1. Vincent Bédard If I’m right though someone made a fan version of Silent Night for DS3 and they showed it to the developers. Go check it out, it fucking matches horror….perfectly.

    1. GamerBot125 no arguments with that. Dead Space was my favorite franchise ever. I really wish there would be another Dead Space game to continue where DS3 left off but with new main character just like what Capcom did with Resident Evil

  3. Man this is just so awesome. The Dead Space series is my favorite game series of all time with Dead Space 2 being my favorite. I just love everything about it. Fun gameplay, AMAZING atmosphere, GREAT music, great graphics, STELLAR acting, and the best sound design!

    1. Cacyademonenom if you compare dp3 with the other 2 it was more of action than horror, and it wasn’t obvious that the awakened dlc was 10 dollars for 1 hr of game play

    1. Visceral Games can still make Dead Space 4, we just need to convince Microsoft to re-hired Visceral Games and when they get properly funded it’ll be one of the greatest games of all time!

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