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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and popular nursery rhymes collection by HooplaKidz.

Nursery Rhymes List
(00:04) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
(02:16) Humpty Dumpty (new version)
(03:35) 3 Little Kittens
(06:30) Six Little Ducks (new version)
(08:23) Wheels on the bus (Red bus)
(10:42) Five little monkeys (new version)
(12:29) Penguin Song
(14:00) Rig a Jig Jig
(15:44) 5 Little ducks
(17:15) Animal Fair
(18:57) She'll be Coming round the mountain
(21:33) Head Shoulders knees and toes
(22:41) Mary had a little lamb (new)
(23:57) Happy and you know it
(25:29) Old Mcdonald had a farm
(28:28) A Sailor went to sea
(30:42) 1,2 buckle my shoe
(31:43) 5 little speckled frogs
(34:26) ABC (Frogs version)
(35:30) Ringa Ringa Roses
(36:55) Miss Polly had a Dolly
(38:07) Jack and Jill
(39:39) Where is thumbkin
(42:01) Row Row your boat
(43:06) 1 Potato 2 Potato
(44:49) I had a little Nut tree
(47:08) Kitty Cat Kitty Cat
(48:53) Tweede dum Tweede dee
1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive
(51:16) A Tisket a Tasket
(53:17) Hush little baby
(55:36) Rock A Bye Baby

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