How to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (C Major) on the Recorder – Very Easy Tutorial

How to play on the recorder Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (easy recorder notes lesson for beginners).

Normal: 00:06 – Slow: 01:04

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How to know which fingering is used by your recorder:
– On a Baroque fingered recorder hole 4 is smaller than hole 5.
– On a German fingered recorder hole 5 is smaller than hole 4.


  1. DARN!!!!! C chord is very damn HARD !!! I can’t damn mainten it!!! Its always change from low to high I NEED TO CONTROL MAY DAMN BREATHING!!! anyway ty. Your turtorial is very easy to understand ( ^-^)/*

    1. It’s my 3rd time playing recorder and I got it all the first time I play and only took me 5 mins to memorize and play. Maybe that’s because of my experience in playing flute lol

  2. Sorry! I just noticed that I hit the thumbs down on this by accident, must have been done in error long ago! In error completely! My 3 year old boys LOVE your channel and all your videos. They are eager to learn!

    1. Kwadens
      If it never works then you may be blowing too hard, or you didn’t fill all the holes. Soft voice people like me can be kinda hard at first then easy what happened to me, I practiced C note everyday now.

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