Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle

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    1. +creeperslayer
      But no matter what conspirators say, it’s still not Communist propaganda, there aren’t any hammers or sickles or stars with five diffraction spikes within red and yellow colors.

  1. I like this one better:
    Twinkle, twinkle little star,
    How I wonder what you are.

    Giant thermonuclear reaction;
    Held by gravitational attraction.
    Twinkle, twinkle little star,
    You look so small ’cause you’re so far.

    As you burn through constant fusion,
    Your twinkle’s just an optical illusion.
    That happens when your light gets near;
    distorted by our atmosphere.

    Twinkle, twinkle little star,
    spreading light and heat so far.
    As you use up fuel you’ll grow,
    and give off a scarlet glow;

    Maybe you’ll go supernova,
    exploding elements all over.
    Now I know just what you are;
    and I know I’m made of stars.

    1. +Boby Gandhi Thanks Bobi – I think your version is the one I will teach my 2-y-o grand-daughter next week out in Mozambique. She’s already sent me an order for some stardust.

    1. +BurtGasm Except he couldn’t spend it because a rock that size hitting earth from space would have caused a crater larger than the entire field in which he was standing. If this were real… he dead, dude.

    1. It would be a cool explosion, but afterwards nothing will be left there for you to salvage or sale.

      +Mr. Nerd 2 KM wide crater is a bit exaggeration. Based on appearance, the mass of the meteorite should be 1.8 to 2 tonnes. (1 meter in diameter, 3.35g/cubic cm density), and assuming the speed was about mach 3 at the time of impact, it would generate energy of 900 Megajoules, which is equivalent to 200 Kilograms of TNT. The crater would be wide and deep, but only a couple hundred meters or less.

  2. How about a new verse?

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    Add Cepheids to our repertoire
    A relationship we know to see
    Between period and luminosity
    Twinkle twinkle pulsing star
    Your brightness tells us how far you are

    1. +Joshua Osei 
      Person A: I copy-righted a dictionary
      Person B: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!
      Judge: [in sign language] Person B, you are being sued for the use of the English language which had been copyrightted by Mr. A! You will be fined a sum of 1, 000 dollars for each word you use or have used!


  3. I love the way english people pronounce “au revoir” or “voilà” xD
    (Tous les français comprendront ma frustration devant un “voilà” sans accent… Notre si jolie langue parfois mise à mal par les anglais xD)

    But you’re putting french words without giving at the french who don’t speak english the chance to understand the song with french subtitles.
    So sad for us….
    I wonder why some of your videos have french subtitles and some don’t… ? Maybe it’s because it takes a lot of time…

    But I still love so much this song <3

    1. if your/ any six old cousin understood what degenerating neurons are or how a star’s core collapses under the pressure from nuclear fusion vs gravity I would be amazed

  4. I wrote this song and uploaded it 9 months before this version (With less, slightly different lyrics.) This is really good, but I wonder if they found mine and were inspired by it? My version’s still in my account with the date to prove it. I wouldn’t care if they were influenced. That would be cool. I’m just curious… 😛

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