“Twinkle, Twinkle” Piano Variations- Evolution of Popular Music

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I suppose you could call this my piano response to "Evolution of Dance"…

I've taken the popular children's song, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and used it to trace the evolution of 24 popular music styles, from waltz to dubstep. Bonus points to those that can guess the artist I picked as representative of each genre.

Also, because I'm a music nerd, I played the theme in all 12 keys.

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    1. That was nice… when I played around with that when I was younger I started off with the the tune as children can play it and then played Mozart and and then went threw every different kind of music there was. It was funny going threw Classical music and playing it as if Chopin and Listz were playing it. I did a Bach version as well. One of my favs was taking a song and making it sound like rock ‘n roll. It is not something I do all the time and it is nice to see a band where you guys play with the modern music to make it sound like an older song. When I was a kid as a child prodigy it was called playing around and to some degree it was not exceptionable. There was a time when I was playing with the record player as well and I got in trouble for it, and now you call that hip hop. I can take classical music and make it sound like jazz as well. Really anything you can think of playing around with I can do it. To some degree I am glad I got in trouble for it and I went on to do my own songs, but I figure either way I would of ended up making up my own songs. One of the things I did which you might like, is I took every part of modern music that is used way to often and I put it to music where it is the theme to even classical music all the way up to modern day, at the time I did it, because it was fun but also I needed to hear some classical music and the modern music does not do it for me as much as I can play it and even make up a new song and make it sound modern. On top of needing to hear classical music I was sick of the 4 chord that even a child who plays horribly and they are playing ‘Heart and Soul’ even they know the 4 chords from that even if they can’t play it well. I did a jazz version of that song and then decide that I could make it work for every decade of different music lol. One of the hardest things for me to understand is what is writers block, I do not want it lol but the question is what is it. I can define it but I never had it and I do not understand it like someone who has had writers block.

  1. 1900s Waltz 0:00 – 1910s Ragtime 0:12 – 1920s Charleston 0:23 –
    1930s Boogie Woogie 0:32 – 1940s Swing 0:41 –
    1950s Bossa Nova 1:00 – Doo Wop 1:12 – Rock n Roll 1:35 –
    1960s British Rock 1:47 – Country/Western 1:54 – Psychedelic Rock 2:07 – Motown 2:17
    1970s Funk 2:39 – Disco 2:52 – Songer/Songwriter 3:06 – Reggae 3:22 –
    1980s New Wave 3:45 – Hard Rock 3:58 –
    1990s Grunge 4:10 – Gangsta Rap 4:25 – Techno 4:35 –
    2000s Pop Punk 4:45 – Modern Alt Rock 4:58 – Reggaeton 5:19 –
    2010s Dubstep 5:29 – Modern Dance Pop 5:46 – (Music box 6:17)

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