1. Mount Everest I ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ says:

      +Doge Fallout is Survival without horror.

    1. Most scenes in horror movies they fasten the hearts beating in normal people but put people who are sociopaths and psychopaths get calmer. So you might be mad.

  1. Twinkle twinkle little lights
    Don’t be scared of just the night
    Space can be quite infinite
    While poison seeps through the ship
    Twinkle Twinkle little lights
    If you run you might survive…

    1. twinkle twinkle little lie
      don’t be scared of died
      many comes surpass the white
      tunnel had comes to shine
      twinkle twinkle little lie
      i know when people dead inside…

  2. when i hear this song, i can imagine a woman lost in the space station who sing that to stay calm near the communication center, and we can hear that by the loudspeakers X)

  3. imagine you’re in school and all of a sudden all the lights in the school turn off. The intercom turns on and this song is playing, and also no one but you are still in the building. the doors are locked and only one light starts to flicker in the hall and all of a sudden someone appears below the light. yeesh that would be scary. XD

    1. Unlimated_Luck 1 that happened to my cousin she recorded it but then she told me to delete it or Satan will be alive soon…..I think she made it up…heh..heh…ha….**drinks holy water** WHO I KIDDING !!

    1. Dead Space and Dead Space 2. In the first game, its randomly heard (mostly around survivors, who just kill themselves after) In Dead Space 2 Nicole hums the song whenever you encounter her. Mostly during the apartment and school area. In Dead Space 3. I cannot recall hearing it at all.

  4. My teacher played this in a Drama lesson once and asked us what it made us think about. Needless to say, I knew the music was from Dead Space so that was all it made me think about. When he asked me I literally gave a basic synopsis of Dead Space.

  5. Just imagine it: a big EA press event is ending, then all of the sudden, red static appears over the screens, followed by a faded face and a scream, then everything goes to black. Then you hear the first verse of this song, followed by an announcement on the screens, ending with isaac’s breathing. That would be AMAZING!!!

    1. They should show a happy vlog about a family aboard the Ishimura but it isn’t revealed. True fans would know by the citizen’s clothing and the ship design. It shows time gradually go by and the people act stranger and stranger. The child is at the marker’s reveal to the citizens. They all applaud oblivious to the danger. He touches the marker *photo snaps and fades in color* his grinning face changes to black and white. *screen goes to black* Next day opens and everyone is acting strangely. The boy has a fever and headaches. Riots pop up, murders, suicides. Last vlog shows them look over the balcony of their multifloored apartment complex. Chaos is below. It resembles a complex-wide free-for-all riot. Not incredibly horrid but still slowly escalating unchecked. A man below is being hung over that railing in a fight. The two screaming at each other inches away. The boy smiles at the camera. A man is casually strangling his wife just off screen on the ground but they continue filming. She begs for mercy and he pulls a knife, stabbing her. The boy’s smile fades and he climbs onto the rail balancing about to fall. She screams the boy’s name and her voice fades as well as the video’s brightness. The light from his rig remains in the black screen for a few seconds. It slowly drains down to red, blinks and dies. ~The End~

  6. Imagine being at the bottom of the ocean…alone in the dark abyss. Or on the USG Ishimura with the lights off….in a air vent….Or in your room with the lights off or that hallway you don’t like or your closet or under your bed maybe the attic or even….under….your….covers! XD jk

    1. *raises hand* i was in a mental hospital last year, i played this in my room from my little stereo i had, it creeped the hell out of the staff, but for me it was calming <3

  7. Twinkle Twinkle little star
    I wanna hit you with you with my car
    Throw you off a tree so high
    how you break your neck and die.
    Oops wrong song…pretty dope bed time song though! Put me to sleep.

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