Dead Space Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Boot Trailer HD
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Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky!

When the blazing sun is gone, When the nothing shines upon, Then you show your little light, Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Then the traveler in the dark, Thanks you for your little spark, He could not see which way to go, If you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep, And often through my curtains peep, For you never shut your eye, Till the sun is in the sky.

As your bright and tiny spark, Lights the traveler in the dark, Though I know not what you are, Twinkle, twinkle, little star.


    1. +Ana lopes Actually there are two dead space movies. Dead Space Downfall and Dead Space Aftermath, which take place before and after the first game respectively. There animated though, not even cgi, I’m talking like avatar the last Airbender kind of animated. If you don’t mind that, check em out! There pretty good.

    1. I played the game by myself in a dark room and must admit the game had my freakin heart jumping out my chest. Apparently the game was created to keep you on edge throughout and as if those ugly monsters weren’t bad enough, I was paranoid from noises coming out of nowhere; hatches closing loudly behind me, thought it was monster; anytime the suit com panel came on, thought it was a monster, machinery getting activated, thought it was a monster, etc…..jeez

    2. In dead space 1 I was scared only two times. And all those two times some fucker just jumped out of the dark corner and started to scream at me like a mad man. Luckly, plasma cutter in the legs solves any problem in that game. The rest of the game? Get enough ammo and learn from wich places zeds (I prefer to call them that way. Shorter than Necromorfs.) usualy come trough and keep firing at them before they fall. Dead Space 2 scarred my only when zed jumped on me in the elevator. (Usualy the safest place in the game) the rest of the game i was annoyed in the parts when fucking kids starts to show up. (Screaming ones! one shot to kill, with claws, big count and from all corners.)

    1. The first dead space when you are looking in the lockers and a necro jumps out at you nearly had a heart attack played all 3 all great games maybe the third wasn’t as good as the first two

    2. Tr4il
      Then we have a different view of it.
      For me jumpscares aren’t only scary faces popping up on my screen, but also things that suddenly happens/creatures that suddenly appears and scare me so I “jump” backwards or feel the need for.
      Yeah and suddenly appearing creepy Necromorphs which break through the silence and try to kill me are one of those jumpscares. …. For me.

    1. I’d just like to throw in that Event Horizon is absolutely NOTHING like Dead Space. The only things they have in common are copious amounts of gore, hallucinations, and an empty ship. Other than that, it’s not going to give you that same fix (at least it didn’t for me). If anything, it’s closer to a Warhammer 40k prequel (seriously, if anyone has time look up the theories. It’s actually really freaking awesome), but I digress- avoid Dead Space: Aftermath like the plague, unless you like shitty 90’s era graphics on a movie from fucking 2011. Dead Space: Downfall, however, is legitimately good. I just wish that John Carpenter would step forward and make a straight up Dead Space movie, since he’s so adamant that it’s perfect for an adaptation.

    2. If they ever make a live-action movie based off of Dead Space, they should definitely use the same actors used in the video games. The character models for Isaac and pretty much every other character in the game were designed to look just like the actors who voiced them. Just take a look at Nolan Stross, and compare him to his actor, Curt Cornelius.

    3. It’ll probably be a mess up as it mostly happends. (Remember: Doom, Assasins creed, Hitman, Far Cry, Silent Hill and many other movies that’s been made based on the games with those names. There’s only few exeptions: Postal (movie is insane just like the game itself), Tomb Rider, Prince of Persia.)

    1. +Dread Master Raptus
      exactly. jumpscares are just scarry one, two times. Best example outlast- scary game, I love it, but in the end th jumpscares didn’t shoked me at all. Just the first 20 min or half hour, aftger that it wasn’t scary anymore. A good horror game needs more then just jumpscares, and (the first, just the first) deathspace makes it perfect

    1. As long as I have my loyal gun (or a plasma cutter in this case) in my hands, I’m fucking ready for anything. Out of ammo? KINESIS YOUR HUGE LIMBS! (DOOM reference)

  1. Dead Space 1 is the best out of the series. It was simply amazing and the plot was great, not to mention scary. (Those damn twitchers and regenerators). DS 2 was toned down a bit, but still good. DS 3 was more action than horror. It was very predictable and not scary at all. Dead space extraction wasn’t that great. It felt more like House of the dead.

    1. The third game isn’t crap. It keeps to its roots in the horror, the problem is the familiarity we have with its main antagonists. In the first, necromorphs were a new horror we the players experienced with Isaac. The maddening silence, the narrow corridors, the feeling of facing this new horror on your own, and that each move could be your last. The very sight of a necromorph filled you with terror, and you did your damndest to plan ahead, hoping you had sufficient supplies. You were literally scrounging around for the things that you needed to survive, adding desperation and paranoia into the mix. You can’t blame Isaac for going as cazy as he did after the experience.

      The second lost it’s edge with horror, and embraced a more terror aspect. We were familiar with necromorphs, but not the terror of Isaac’s maddening dementia. The sequel gave Isaac a voice to communicate, as you knew you weren’t alone in the terror, but could still die a gruesome death. The ambience of Titan was not like the Ishimura, as you had more room to breath, and could make use of the world around you. You felt you had more of a chance at survival. It also became more story oriented, where as the first had been more like Half-Life. You were in the moment in the first, the second was telling the actual story, as did the third.

      The third kept to the terror aspect, but at this point, we already knew the effects of the markers and the necromorphs. So yes, it became more action oriented, with more ways to improve your weapons and abilities, and more open world for exploration. The necromorphs became more of an obstacle then an actual horrifying scourge of space. This is because we knew they could be stopped at this point. The game is great, I think it lived up to it’s name both gameplay and storywise. I don’t deduct it for it’s lack of horror, because there was simply no way they could recapture the horror and tension of the first.

    2. +The Explorer
      personally i think ds2 is the best one but the first was a real return to form for survival horror games in both 1 and 2 the atmosphere still sets nerve to edge 🙂 and ive platted em both 🙂 the third was ok but not the same atmosphere wise as the first 2.

      also who dont like a bit of pew pew bang bang?

  2. Probably the most scariest game ever produced. The atmosphere, the detail, those twisting dark corridors, the music, those hard to kill monsters, the graphics and the storyline.

    When I first played it I just wanted to switch it off. Really unsettling. Knowing you about go for hours walking round an abandon ship in space full of necromonsters made me want to hit call of duty like a mummy’s boy. Call of duty is for wimps.

    If you’ve not played this game, then before you do – Switch off the lights, play by yourself and put on some nappies and keep telling yourself that it is ok to cry – real men cry….mummmmmy!!

    1. No… just no. Dead Space was scary AT ALL. I played it at 10:30 PM in a dark room and loved it. But it was NOT scary. How can people say it is? Isaac is armed to the teeth with weapons, armor and other people to help. It wasn’t scary in the slightest. 

  3. One day your just a guy who just wants to visit his girlfriend the next your fighting off ancient lovecraftian horrors hellbent on eating all of humanity.

    1. I always wonder why people think DS3 was ruined. The Necromorphs were scary once, in the second one they were scary too. But after encountering them twice, Isaac would get used to it, don’t you think? Also the creepieness wouldn’t go well with the story setting.

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