Scary Nursery Rhymes | Johny Johny Yes Papa | Kids And Children Songs

Shh….We can hear footsteps outside naughty Johnny's room. Only spooky scaries of the night crawl around at this time. Scared as we are, maybe you brave kiddies can help us by peeping outside your rooms and tell us who it is that is sneaking out to have fun past their bed time! Maybe it's the ghosts and goblins who want to join you in your nursery rhymes playtime fun. Wait, we think we heard the kitchen door creak open. We're sure we heard the sugar cabinet open. This can only mean one thing. Johnny is up to his naughty self again. Haha. And aren't we surprised to find that Johnny has you little kiddies as his new playmates to help him with his mischief. We promise we won't tell your mommies about it but we just hope that Johnny shares his sugar with you little ones and papa doesn't catch you while you’re at it. Midnight adventures are always so much fun aren't they? We won't stop you from your fun! Have fun!

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