Nightcore – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star [PSYCHO]

Nightcore – Twinkle twinkle little star be meh XD
Artist:dead space
Photos: dont ask… I lost them xD they were edited anyway `-`
Download: [PSYCHO].mp3

Thanks for watching :33 here we keep on going with the creepy week :DDD SUB LIKE SHARE COMMENT ;3


  1. calling my friend
    friend : What up (9:30)
    me:want me to sing u a song
    Friend: what the ocation?
    me:nunthing just a bed time song
    friend:sure it cant hurt
    me: **sing**
    friend: lost in shock

  2. Omg I was on a different tab looking something up and listening to the song for the first time and I went to look back at the picture on the screen of this song…. I clicked it right when the second jump scare came and I about fell outta my chair and I accidentally stepped on my cats tail XD thanks a lot

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