1. narutovideok I am so ashamed by The facts that most Japanese people can’t pronounce English well. This situation is caused by old style English education .So Japanese can’t learn useful English skill especially speaking and listening. We(Japanese)learn only remembering English from elementary school to high school.So most Japanese can’t speak English suddenly.for example,they usually cannot tell the way to get somewhere foreigners want to go if they were asked the way. This is because they don’t have time to learn and remember the answer .

  1. If you read the whole lyrics of the song, it speaks about a traveller, a traveller guided by the light of the star at night. This is a perfect analogy for their relationship, Kaori, the little star, lead Kousei, the traveller, out of the darkness, or night. Then, day rose for him and the star was no longer needed, though is still remembered everyday, with the rise of night.

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