Johnny Johnny Yes Papa

Hey everyone! I've decided to switch up my content to be more fun and kid friendly! I hope you all enjoy singing along to this super silly song with your loved ones!

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  1. Hey guys! If you haven’t noticed, there’s a cool ‘Join’ button next to the subscribe button, here you can support me and get cool perks!

    Thanks love you okay bye bye drink water okay

  2. “Jonathan, I repeat, Jonathan”
    “Yes father? What do you call my attention for”?
    “Have you been consuming the sugar in secrecy while not under my supervision”?
    “You are under the pretense that I have father, however that is not the case”.
    “You would dare fabricate this falsity that you have not consumed the sugar? To your own father”?
    “I must repeat father, these claims are most untrue”.
    “If this is indeed true, please present your oral cavity Jonathan”.

    Ha ha ha

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