Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Easy Guitar Lesson

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Easy Guitar Lesson
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This is a beginning lesson but try it even if you have been playing for awhile. If you can't play it perfectly on all strings then you have some work to do.

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There are several important concepts that are taught and shown in this video.
0:39 Right Hand Position
0:48 Left Hand Position
2:35 Playing on different strings
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star uses ABA song form – There are many songs that have this form. The first part and the last part of the song is the same. We refer to these parts as the A sections. The middle of the song is a contrasting section or B section. The contrasting section adds to the interest of the song by giving us something different to listen to. Going back to the A section at the end gives us something familiar to finish with.
More complicated songs employ this same kind of technique of contrasting sections.
Watch for this form in other songs.
Teacher – Hal Stead

Have fun with this song!


  1. I am currently self teaching myself the guitar, and one of my friends tried to teach me this, but it wasnt very helpful. He began to lose faith in me, but i kept to it and came here. I nailed it, went back, and proved him wrong. So thanks man. I know its just twinkle twinkle, but i am only a beginner

  2. thanks for the videos their very cool and informative for beginners and I like how u talke time to show us the instructions one by one so I just want to say thanks

  3. Thank you so much sir I am just starting my guitar journey and have been wanting to play this song for my two little girls at night and you have made that possible god bless you

  4. I dont like this video because its to hard to follow along with i just got my guitar yesterday and its too hard to play i thought this video would help me but its too hard to follow along

    1. Amara Moeller this simple song got confusing right from the start because he doesn’t explain his “a section” instead he got caught up talking about his hand placement but later he explains it at 1:27 then go back to 1:06 to learn the “b section” which is played twice.

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