johny johny yes papa (creepy)

feeling better today so I finished this because all this johny johny stuff is popular at the moment

Papa: Johny, Johny?

Johny: Yes, Papa?

Papa: Eating flesh?

Johny: Yes Papa

Voice acting by me
Music in background:


  1. “Jonathan, Jonathan”
    “Yes, father?”
    “Consuming of the sweet substance?”
    “No, father.”
    “Making untrue statements?”
    “No, Father.”
    “Reveal your canal-”
    “N-no, Father -“

  2. “Jonathan, Jonathan, may I have your attention?”
    “What is it, dear father of mine?”
    “Have you been preforming the act of consuming sucrose?”
    “I deny these false accusations, father.”
    “Are you daring to decieve me, Jonathan?”
    “Once again, father, I deny these false accusations of yours.”
    “I hope you wouldn’t mind showing me your oral cavity Jonathan.”

    1. ………………………….*quietly calls 911 and a mental asylum* i need you to stay right here and soon you will be ok just wait here quietly shhhhhhhhh don’t speak its ok your gonna be alright soon just let the nice people pick you up they will help you


  3. *SLAMS TABLE* If you can make Johnny Johnny Creepy..
    Then you can make Mario creepy.
    But, heh. Good luck on making Mario creepy. Im not one to brag but, I don’t get creeped out easily. Especially Mario…
    **far away** *dO yOu gEt thE hiNt?*

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