Johny Johny Yes Papa LORE! Creepy Kids Videos Explained

On today's episode, we're exploring BillionSurpriseToys and their unsettling kid-aimed content. I also explain the underlying lore of the series, and expose the DARK TRUTH surrounding Johny's family and friends.

(Lore discussion starts at 7:48 btw)
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  1. My theory: Papa is an abusive father that refuses to feed his family and starves his son, that’s why Johny wants sugar; it’s the only thing he can reach. But whenever he tries to eat sugar, it is always taken out of his grasp. That’s also the reason why Johny has several imaginary friends based on food items, including a talking ice cream…

    1. Also in one song papa chastised Johny for eating breakfast. Like, literally, his mom was there and he was just eating breakfast and suddenly papa was like “eating breakfast?” and Johny looked scared and had to hide it. This man needs to be stopped.

  2. Jhonny, I repeat jhonny?

    Yes papa, you draw my attention

    It came to my knowledge that you are consuming sugar again

    definitely not, papa, it is not true

    Are you not telling me the truth again, I want what is best for you

    I repeat, this is not the truth

    I fell like you are not telling your dear papa the truth so I ask you to show me your inside mouth so I can insure your safety

    I dont fell like opening my mouth so ill stair and laugh at you

  3. Papa: Sugar Sugar?
    Sugar: Yes Papa?
    Papa: Eating Johnny?
    Sugar: No Papa.
    Papa: Telling Lies?
    Sugar: No Papa…!
    Papa: Open Your Mouth.

  4. Ok, but to add to your theory. The fridge is a slave. If you notice, he tries to stop the people from eating the food. He’s trying to protect the other food for as long as possible, but gives up when it gets dangerous for him. Unfortunately, the deaths of those he protects weighs heavy on his mind, as you can see when he’s outside. Before Chiya talks to him, his face looks terrified and he’s hunched over and shaking his head, before he has to put on a fake smile for Chiya

  5. Autotuned indians that can’t even spell Johnny right making badly animated cartoons containing refrigerator people and pedophile ice creams that sleep with kids are the most popular thing in the world right now

    Let that sink in

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