Fingerpicking “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on Ukulele

– PLEASE NOTE: This video is apart of a greater lesson on fingerpicking at Ukulele Tricks. Click the link above to get the tabs, sheet music, and more insight and tips on how to play this song.

It's important to note that you will need to at least know how to read ukulele tabs to follow along with this video (again, the tabs are available through the link above). If reading ukulele tabs is a new concept, don't worry because it's easy to learn and very worthwhile if you wish to play fingerstyle songs on the ukulele. I wrote a lesson about how to read ukulele tabs here:

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  1. Instead of scooting us everywhere, is it not possible to do an inserted clip on where to place fingers on the fret boards for the chords?  I’ve got the tune and plucking downpat but struggling to read your chords 🙂 Thanks,  Love your tutorials 🙂

  2. You sounded really cool tho after I increased the speed of this video to 1,25 (suits your face) but with the normal speed you sounded like someone who’s giving a spiritual talk. But loving the tutorial anyway 🙂

  3. I just got my uke and the beginners book I have has me picking with only my thumb. I got a uke that can also use an amplifier and trying to stroke the strings you can barely hear them. I have been using a pick like you would on a guitar so i can tell if i am actually picking the correct string. I am slowly learning it note for note but playing chords are hard for me to get them correct, I have practiced and some chords i just can’t do. What do you suggest I do? and am how I am learning this instrument is a good way. I would like to learn to pick the way you do but my training book doesn’t even cover any part of picking with more than the thumb. I need help.

  4. Crystal, you will need to click the link in the description of this video to go to the larger lesson on Ukulele Tricks for this song. In the lesson, I have a link to download the tabs for this song, which show you exactly where your fingers need to press down on the fretboard. If you can’t read tabs yet, I have a tutorial which I link to. Additionally, on that page, I have another video where I explain fingerpicking technique and where you should place your fingers to pluck the strings.

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