Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Mash Up with Rosie and Declan

Declan is singing his favourite song to Mootoo but Rosie is trying to mess him up. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star turns into Baa Baa Black Sheep turns into The ABC (Alphabet) song. Rosie is confusing Declan. Three songs with the same melody! Watch the bloopers at the end.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Bloopers:

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It took a year to make!

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Rosie, Declan, Mootoo and the whole Rosie's Tea Party gang are always up to something.
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  1. My second smile of the day. 🙂  Late start for me, but good and positive. 🙂  I think this is the first I remember “conflict” between them, even if it’s just acting (saw Declan smiling even though Rosie stuck her tongue at him. 😀 haha 0:50  Too cute.)
    Funny moments:
    1:16  Rosie’s self-satisfied smile that she got to him. 😛 and 1:20 (*natural* feeling reaction; great work/acting)
    1:35  Love how Declan says, “Stop it.” 😀
    1:43  Rosie’s reaction to being hit by the pillow.  And Declan threw that?  Wow… that’s fast!  Thought it might have been you, mom. 😀
    2:08 – 2:12  Funny and cute. 😀

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