Johny Johny’s DEMENTED Household! (Johny Johny Yes Papa: Creepy Nursery Rhymes)

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If you thought horror games like FNAF were scary, I hope you're ready for a brain-melting dose of awful nursery rhymes supposedly intended for kids. Johnny Johnny Yes Papa recently exploded as a meme, but if you actually pay attention to what is going on, it's actually pretty unsettling… It's time to overthink some hot garbage and put on our theory caps!

The creepy, repeating lyrics: Johny Johny… Yes Papa? Eating sugar? No papa! Telling lies! No papa! Open your mouth… Ha ha ha!

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  1. This was supposed to go out over the weekend, but Johny Johny videos were getting nuked via takedowns all across YouTube. This is obviously something out of the ordinary for my channel, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! Next week I’ll be back to normal mystery content, I promise!

    1. After the Boss Baby’s soul was torn out by SpiderMan via syringe, his soul formed another life form, with remnants of his past self integrated into his new form to help him properly form. After his new self has been made, he traveled through a time rift, still not aware, and almost in a vegetative state. His body soon floated into a wormhole. He awakens. Of course, he is terrified. He tries to escape. Somehow, he manages. But his body has already been distorted. He is about to die. But then, the god known as ‘papa’ appears to him. He says I will save you if you pledge your soul to me, and come live in my dystopian world. The rest is history

    1. DeMarco Saunders I already knew that because they fridge always call them “mommy” and “daddy” I don’t know why she was turned to a fridge but maybe it was that she was possessed by Satan but I don’t know that’s all I know I think ??

    2. no i have a therory she stole so much food so the father punished her and left her in the basement or attic to die, and the dad is afraid that the other kids will do the same. so he has to sneak on them

    1. Ivan Ahumada I agree with it. A theory I have is that the dad is a cruel person that wants everyone to starve. People try to get food but they keep being caught by the Dad. The sister tried to get food but the dad wouldn’t let her so she died and goes on to possess the refrigerator, trying not to have the people get caught by papa and having the same fate as she did but fails. In fact the Dad even forces people to do whatever he wants. If they don’t listen, the Dad may spank or hit them which is why they laugh nervously when they’re caught

    2. My guess: everyone that eats to much, is transformed to an antrophomorfic objet that represents food (ala refrigerator, icecream). Thats why everyone is hypervigilant of others: if they dont, everyone would be transformed by that mágic dust that emerges from thw food

  2. if you check the refrigerator song, you’ll see a part where the fridge is shivering and is hunchbacked sad, and nervously smiles at the younger sister after being caught outside.

  3. The popular childrens song Johny Johny Yes Papa portrays the battle between the communists and fascists. The fascists are portrayed by the parents and the communists are portrayed by the children. It is a tale of a couple of scared people oppressed by fascists and forced to give all their food even though they are starving. Instead of rising up, they stand down and keep a smile on their face. But not a smile of happiness and hope but a smile of despair and agony.


  4. Okay this might be EXTREMELY demented, but I imagine it this way,

    The dad and mom are psychopathic and take after their parents, the grandpa and grandma are both there, so the mom and dad have to be siblings. The parents and grandparents worry about starving to death with 3 children, so they take their food / snacks to feast on, the kids are left to starve and find their own food, so they have to eat as much as they can to stay alive, to explain the fridge and ice-cream man, they are illusions. The fridge reminds the kids of food, their goal, when the food they get from the imaginary fridge is actually leftovers the grown-ups leave after they eat. The Ice-Cream man reminds the kids of sweets, another one of their goals. To the grown ups these illusions remind them of deciding if they should eat EVEN more, and now I have split decisions,

    Decision #1
    They are a family that has friends that pretend to be friends with them…

    Decision #2
    They are a family that has been taken to a fake neighborhood and school so the government can figure out what is behind this crazy family, with citizens and kids pretending to be normal for money (kinda like the Jimmy Neutron Theory).

    You should be glad I fixed your life… (I think?)

  5. The household is cursed
    The family was trapped in some sort of Faustian Bargain that led to them being condemned to smiling. Perhaps the family was dysfunctional, unhappy, and hungry and after giving up their elder daughter as a vessel for food, they are eternally happy as a kind of twisting of words. The entity may be corrupting the children, hence their disturbing appearances and it might believe in a sort of twisted “justice”. Think of it as “You can’t eat until you have caught someone eating food and as reward, you may eat”

  6. Maybe the refrigerator was the older sister, that’s why everyone was “doing something wrong” when eating. they were eating food that came from the refrigerator, a family member! I know it seems really weird and stupid, and I haven’t seen johny johny, but it’s the only thing I could think of, and it would explain why the older sister seems missing.

    1. LUKE lcs Also in the refrigerator video, there’s a scene where she seems to be nervous or afraid until one of the kids approaches her asking for chocolate, and then she turns around still with a nervous smile on her face, and that would also explain why she lies about not having any food

  7. downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral downwards spiral

  8. Johnny Johnny?

    Yes Papa?

    Eating sugar?

    No Papa

    Telling lies?

    Yes father, I am. But only because you constantly starve & hit me when that goddamn camera is off. Lying is the only way out of that pain. Please. Just let me have this one sugar cube. I haven’t eaten in days and I truly want to die. Please father.

    *open your mouth*

    Ha ha ha

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