How to Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Harmonica

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Here are the basics for playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Made on request 🙂

If you have a song you'd like a tutorial on for the Harmonica please mention it in the comments section and I might be able to make some more!

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For some more advanced lessons on the harmonica I suggest checking out this guy at he offers a lot more depth once you've got the basics sorted!

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  1. Your teaching is very easy. keep it up. You will go a very long way if you keep it up to your easy teaching. Music is the hardest subject, but you make it easy. keep going.

  2. nobody teaches the harmonica as good as you do 🙂
    I watched almost every videos out there in youtube and nobody makes it easier than you do.
    Please do more videos I prefer seeing you in video with your paper rather than animation.
    Lots of appreciation, master 🙂

  3. lesson given is very much useful for beginers. I am now 73 years old,and playing hermonica since 1958 . very much glad by viewing this type of videos like to seeore videos of Dilip patil.

  4. Kia ora, I’ve just started learning how to play the harmonica and have got pretty good at Twinkle twinkle now. Just thought I’d pop in and say I like this style of learning a tune where the notes, hole numbers and breaths are written out. It’s made it so much easier to learn so I’ll be writing out tunes this way. Would love more videos in this style 🙂

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