Johnny Johnny Yes Papa | TERRIFYING Indian Nursery Rhymes — LewReview

Eating Sugar, Sandwhiches, Breakfast or any food in general is a crime in this household.
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LewReview Opening sequence Animated by Tom Crotty:

LewReview Theme song produced by Christopher Ruse:

Outro Song:

Background Music: "Wagon Wheel" by incompetech:

Written, directed, performed by Lewis Spears.

Shot + Edited by Lewis Spears

Patreon Producers: Matt Savva, Blake Witham, and Bitcoin Babe!

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  2. “Man there’s more betrayal in this broken English animation than there is in all 7 Seasons of Game of Thrones”

    I haven’t even seen GOT much and I laughed with this comparison.

    1. Oi mate, just because he’s super tall doesn’t mean he plays basketball. I would usually let such a comment go, but as it’s no slide season, i simply cannot

    1. You started out real strong trying to come off as clever with the “in conclusion” line, but shattered that thin veneer of intelligence and revealed your true self by saying “Lewis prefer” instead of the correct “Lewis PREFERS”. PREEEFERRRSSSSSSS.

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