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"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" the best kids lullaby, is from tKidsongs: A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm This classic baby song is beloved by toddlers, kids and school aged children. As seen on PBS Kids and the Disney Channel this is one of the best songs for kids, from the award winning Kidsongs TV Show.

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  1. The songs are recorded before the music video stories episodes are produced. Sometimes the episode runs long so we save some of the songs for subsequent episodes that are produced.

  2. Why did they put Twinkle in A Day At Old MacDonald’s Farm instead of Good Night Sleep Tight? The video of all the stars were used directly from that video.

  3. post the unicorn song from good night sleep tight and st judys comet and our house and hush little baby and lullaby and good night and tommorrow is a dream away and good night and all the pretty little horses from good night sleep tight

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