1. Are ya’ll kiddin? All you guys who wanna know how to play this use your eyes and ears! It’s not like we’re learning some crazy 100mph Tommy Emmanuel song. I mean, the sooner you start learning to use your eyes and ears the better off you’ll be in the long run, also the more you can improv.

  2. @IyannaBabi97 me too!!! i got this book at guitar center & learning how to play. & now im playing eight notes. just go to a music store & get a book with a cd. its better with a cd.=]

  3. @IyannaBabi97 me 2 go 2 8notes(.) com click guitar and scroll until u find Beginner Guitar Lessons Part 1
    Beginner Guitar Lessons Part 2 and do both of those it is great i can play the song in there now

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