Twinkle Twinkle “Little Star” – Violin and Piano Cover by 92 Keys

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With the goal of encouraging music education, watch as this classic children's song; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, becomes more and more complex!


Little Star was sponsored by DeBest Plumbing (Boise, ID). Thank you to Milford and Grace Terrell for supporting 92 Keys!

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Song Background – By Trevor Loucks

Probably one of the most distinct memories of my childhood was smashing the keys on the piano out of sheer frustration. I could not play the piano well nor did I want to play. It was a stupid instrument that no one should waste their time learning. I was not born with the natural gift of music like those kids you’ve probably seen on Ellen, or in the past, Oprah.

After quitting the piano several times and coming back to it, there finally came a point when I was about 14, seven years or so years after the first lesson, where it started to make sense. Finally, the notes on the page started translating to my hands in a more natural manner.

Later, sometime in the middle of my sophomore year of High School I sat down at a piano without sheet music in front of me and to my surprise, was actually able to improv a song in Gb. Playing without sheet music is something I never thought would be possible. Coincidentally, the song that managed to get plucked out was “Amazing Grace” which was also the song I first wrote a piano and violin arrangement for. The seeds for 92 Keys were planted early!

So, it’s probably not hard to figure what the point of this arrangement of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is. With practice, you will inevitably get better at what you’re working to master. For those of you playing bingo at home, that will satisfy the ‘cliche’ box.

But it’s true though, and that can be an extremely difficult concept to grasp when you’re a kid.

I hope with this Violin and Piano Cover we created it will inspire at least one kid out there that it is indeed possible to get better with time and effort, especially for those who like me, don’t have a natural propensity to excel at music. You can and will improve. Keep practicing!


Little Star Credits


Arrangement for 92 Keys Created by: Trevor Loucks
Violin Written and Recorded by: Crista Guthrie
Piano Written and Recorded by: Trevor Loucks
Produced by: Stephen Anderson

Guest Starring

Violin 1 – Cassidy McDaniel
Violin 2 – Julia Erway
Piano 1 – Ryker Gray
Piano 2 – Tali Hendrick
Piano 3 – Christian Nielsen


Director | DP: Parker Walbeck
Drone Pilot: Dakota Walbeck
Edited by: Dakota Walbeck
Production Assistant: Corbin Bishop
Production Assistant: Jeff Stiles


Huston School, Idaho

Special Thanks

The parents of all the kids! • Allen and Leigh Evans • Frank Loucks • Susan Free


  1. Gorgeous, lovely work in all ways – musically, visually, spiritually. (I think, at the moment, I most especially liked the pizicatto violin work, but there is an awful lot of music in this video & I have only listened three times.) I applaud the effort, commitment and vision that went into making this video (because I know that making even a simple video can be very time consuming). You make me feel so lazy. 😉

    (Musically, I would get rid of a few of the keyboard effects & stick with the acoustic instruments….. but that’s me: I am very hard-core acoustic. 😉 Over 400 musical instruments in my house & only one is electronic. 😀 )

    I wish you the best success in your endeavours!

    1. Yeah man, I understand the acoustic appeal. I love it too and have a few ideas in mind on some songs we’ll do with just piano and violin. I think overtime we’ll end up with a good mix of big tracks, and softer acoustic tracks.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring the Huston schoolhouse in this video. I have always loved it and wanted to convert it into a home when I was a child.
    Sad that it has fallen into such a shambles, and touching to have its poignancy preserved in this video.

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