1. I hope this channel don’t stop making videos. I really like these videos, I really like how surrealistic, unpredictable and creative they are. I like how the videos are parodyng the typical videos for kids you can find here in YouTube, that is pretty clever.

  2. Can this channel make a new EdukayFUN video? I know it probably isn’t Edukyfun, but I would like to see “London Bridge is Falling Down”.
    EDIT: It actually is Edukayfun! They emailed me, telling me this!

    1. From Ali
      Mahal, dito Na ako as rdc. March 3 ako nilipat dito. Sorry if now lang ako nakatext Sayo ow. Myerkules to linggo dalaw dito. 9am-3pm. Kung may time ka dalaw ka sakin ow. Mis u so much mahal ko. Hello how are you. 3, hello

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