1. Wonderful !
    In my studio, students learn the bow hold very quickly using the Bow Hold Buddies[tm] bow accessory. The accessory keeps the hand relaxed and fingers in place while we learn more music.

  2. i’m 13…and i’ve only picked up a violin 10 times or w/e…i just learned twinkle twinkle and can play it…but she can READ the music…I just memorized it….Very good! I hope you’re very successful in the music world!

  3. hi… my 7 year old is watching this…. we play suzuki method also…. she is having her first concert doing the twinkle variations Sunday šŸ™‚ and is so nervous! this helped šŸ˜€ thanks… Great video…….

  4. The last variation is something unusual!
    Do take note of your left wrist, too near the neck. Bow grip should be on the top part of the bowstick, instead of the side, causing the right wrist to be too bent upwards.
    Well done and keep practising!

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