Johnny Johnny yes papa – EdukayFUN (Official)

The official upload of EdukayFUN's Johnny Johnny Yes Papa. Initially released in October 2014.
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It is important to remember not to attempt anything depicted in this video. This video is a parable of the importance of healthy eating and honesty.

Do not eat without first washing your hands.
Do not stick your hand in food containers. Use a spoon instead.
Do not eat sugar straight out of the container.
Do not put your hand in your mouth. It is not sanitary.
Do not eat large quantities of sugar. Fresh fruit is a much better snack.
Do not attempt to stretch your body past its normal limits.
Do not eat sugar containers.
Do not run indoors.
Do not launch sugar lids at others.
Do not belch without immediately saying “Excuse me.”
Do not eat silverware.
Do not launch silverware at others.
Do not store livestock in your cupboards.
Do not consume livestock.
Do not launch livestock out of your body.
Do not turn into livestock.
Do not attempt to consume others.
Do not consume others.


    1. lol mine are pretty close coz I’ve got something known as joint hypermobility which stems from something known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & it can be pretty awkward…

  1. Well, the original video got taken down, again, and so I am here to say again. I bought the quality shirt, it’s just an average black shirt with Johnny Johnny on the front holding SUGAR and showing the world his heart piercing stare, I love it.

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