1. U did it mostly right, just on the line,up a both the world so high,like a diamond in the sky so on the first beats u did 2 notes, now that might have been a mistake, but u also did this on the second, the word this, it is only 1 note, so, C C Bb A A g not A A A g, I may be wrong but it says that in every book of my flute music, sorry for this, if it doesn’t make sense, basically on the 2nd line u did a couple wrong notes XD but altogether this was good

  2. Fantastic, my 9yr old daughter has just played this for me on her flute tonight and then we watched your video together with my son Evan (7) for some pointers, keep up the good work.

    Matt and Ella and Evan

  3. noooo!!!!!!!! thats all wrong the actual notes are B flat B flat F F G G F E flat E flat D D C C B flat F F E flat E flat D D C FF E flat E flat D D C B flat B flat F F G G F E flat E FLAT D D C C B NOW THIS IS RIGHT BUT THERE LOTS OF WAYS U CAN DO THIS SONG !!!!!

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